Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 10:45am

In the Church

pcarp-61There are many parts to the body, and all have different gifts. By using our gifts to support, encourage, and edify other believers we are showing how we love one another.

Here are some examples of ways you can help serve in the church:

  • Administraion - help the church office with organization, bulletins, phone calls, website, etc.
  • Hospitality - greet guests and visitors before/after the worship service or at other events; open your home for a small group Bible study or other function; share a meal with a visitor
  • Leadership - serve as a deacon or elder (nominations are in the fall of each year)
  • Service - help oversee setup/cleanup for church functions, help in the kitchen, etc.
  • Teaching - teach children, youth, or adult classes
  • Worship -- sing in the choir, play an instrument, help with the Sound Team

If you feel called to serve the church in any area, even those not listed here, please contact the church office.